A wellness retreat created to help women recharge, refresh, and refuel with yoga, meditation, self love and more...



What if Tony Robbins + Rachel Hollis had a baby with a sprinkle of Oprah?

Meet Lorri Ann.

Your passionate, energizing, master manifester. You know the girlfriend you always call to give you the truth, make you laugh and motivate the heck out of you? That’s Lorri Ann.

Her superpower?

Helping you find your mojo through fitness + self love.

She’s a speaker that shows women how to self motivate + love themselves from the inside out. What began as her small fitness business quickly turned into an escape from daily life for women all around the Sacramento area, retreats and more.

After years of building Mama Bootcamp, Body By Code, SoulCamp + her Isagenix business Lorri Ann is now a serial entrepreneur, author, well known fitness guru, keynote speaker, creator of a #1 female led bootcamp & 6-figure earning manifesting maven with a Podcast coming soon!


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